United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. takes pride in providing services to our clients and believes you should understand how we are paid for these services. The use of United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc.’s Client Portal and Smartphone App are cost free to our clients. However, for providing insurance brokerage services, United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. is compensated in a variety of ways, including service charges, commission and, in some cases, contingency bonuses which are paid by insurers or agreed to, in advance, with our clients.
Below is a summary of the types of compensation United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. may receive:


If we are an appointed agent of a carrier, a commission is typically paid to us by the insurer for the distribution and servicing of the insurance policy. The amount is typically calculated as a percentage of the premium paid to the insurer for the policy and that percentage will vary depending on the type of insurance product and the specific insurer.


We may possibly also receive contingent commissions from some of the carriers if we have achieved certain criteria, typically measured on a one year or a three year term. The criteria can vary from carrier to carrier but is usually the result of the carrier’s overall profit, our success in retaining clients, and our client’s loss experience with the carrier. Because of all of the variables involved with the calculation of contingent commission bonuses, the amount of contingent commission is never guaranteed.


Certain insurance companies pay supplemental commissions – fixed amounts – that are based on an agent’s performance during a prior year. These commissions are established from time to time, are typically not guaranteed and and can be based on the historical performance of the carrier or the agent. The criteria for supplemental commissions are similar to those for contingent commissions.


United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. may, on occasion, negotiate a fee for services in lieu of, or in addition to, commissions paid by insurance companies. These fees may include, but are not limited to, special projects that fall outside the placement or servicing of insurance, on-site training, and other consulting fees. These fees will be disclosed and agreed upon by the client, in writing, prior to being invoiced for payment.


From time to time United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. may be compensated by insurers for providing administrative services to clients on behalf of those insurers. Such amounts are typically calculated as a percentage of premium or are based on the number of policyholders receiving such services.
Please feel free to ask United Western Insurance Brokers, Inc. about our compensation as it relates to your specific proposal or placement.