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Can't begin to say how grateful I am for Josh and the UWIB team! They were incredibly fast, responsive and helpful in getting us quotes and new policies when we needed them on the quick — both for commercial and residential! We'll be planning to use them for other needs as they arise.
Casey W.
Client since 2021
You and your team put in the time to know what specific needs the clients have and are also readily available when changes happen with your client's businesses.
Christina F.
Client since 2018
Alicia is the best. Always does what she says and follows through. She is a great testimony of how an employee should be. Very knowledgeable too.
Harold R.
Client since 2013
Eric is extremely responsive and diligent. I trust his opinion and support.
Client since 2015
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    The Importance of Effective Risk Management and Insurance in Protecting Community Assets

    The recent fire in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars worth of law enforcement equipment and vehicles, is a stark reminder of the critical importance of effective risk management and comprehensive insurance coverage. As professionals in the risk management and insurance industry, we are deeply concerned by the apparent lapses that led to such a significant loss.Read More
  • Education

    The Fundamentals of BI Claims

    What is BI insurance? BI insurance replaces business income when a covered cause affects operations. BI policies are complex and when the worst happens, calculating the loss of business income can be challenging. Read More
  • Education

    The Hard Market

    Just like the weather changes from sunny to stormy, the insurance world also goes through its own sunny and stormy seasons. These ups and downs in the insurance world usually last between two and seven years. Read More
  • Education

    The Essential Safety Net: Business Interruption Insurance

    In the wake of global upheavals—from pandemics to natural disasters—the spotlight has never burned brighter on the critical role of business interruption insurance. For companies caught in the chaos of unexpected events, this coverage isn't just a safety net; it's a lifeline to financial stability and operational continuity.Read More
  • News

    Major Carrier Says “We would start writing policies tomorrow”

    Somebody suggested I title this “Unlocking California’s Insurance Market.” And based on the testimony of Allstate’s Senior VP of Government Relations, Gerald Zimmerman, on April 23, that might be true. His testimony highlighted a pivotal moment for California's insurance landscape. Zimmerman declared that Allstate would resume underwriting in California immediately if allowed to utilize catastrophe modeling and include the net cost of reinsurance in their rates. "If the regulations were in effect today, we would begin selling new homeowner insurance policies tomorrow," Zimmerman stated during a public hearing.Read More
  • Education

    Protecting Your Business from Interruption: A Closer Look at Business Interruption Insurance

    Let's dive into a topic that, while not as thrilling as your morning coffee, can be a lifesaver for your enterprise: Business Interruption Insurance. Recent events like pandemics and natural disasters have shown just how vulnerable businesses can be to unexpected interruptions. But fear not! This insurance could be your knight in shining armor, stepping in when disaster strikes to shield your revenue and ensure your business's survival.Read More
  • Education

    Essential Insurance Considerations for New Entrepreneurs

    Hello, new business moguls! Starting a new business is thrilling, but amidst the hustle and bustle, it's crucial to think about how to protect your venture. Let's dive into the must-have insurance types for new entrepreneurs. We'll explore why these insurances matter, common pitfalls to dodge, and how an insurance agent can be your new best friend in customizing coverage to suit your business needs.Read More
  • Education

    Disaster Preparedness: How the Right Insurance Can Be Your Lifeline

    In a world where the weather news often sounds like a trailer for the next big disaster movie, it's easy to feel a bit like a background character anxiously awaiting their fate. But fear not, dear reader, because unlike those cinematic spectacles, you have a superpower at your disposal: Insurance! That's right, the right insurance policies are like having a team of financial superheroes on your side, ready to swoop in when disaster strikes. So, let's dive into how you can prepare for nature's curveballs and ensure you're covered in every sense of the word.Read More